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Earn more,less dead miles, just 10% commission 

London: we’re now accepting all driver applications.

Private Hire and Hackney taxis. You need your own taxi or private hire vehicle, we supply all the work.

Work when you want, log off when your own clients come calling. Take cash payments from riders or they pay by card in the app and we take just 10% commission. You need an Android 4.0 or above or an IOS  8.0 or above phone to accept work from our app. Max car age 10 years.

Drivers win with us :

Very low commission just 10% and higher earnings from quality customers and less time driving empty vehicles.

Coming Soon!
Tyres, Car Washes, Repairs and Phones.

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100 Free BKCC Cryptocurrency Coins!

First 50 Drivers that sign up qualify after 100 trips for 100 BKCC coins which may increase in value in the next 60 months providing you with and early retirement cash pot. Bitcoin was worth zero in 2008 and at Dec 2017 was worth $17,000 each coin! Our coin is BKCC and is worth zero at present, we hope it will be worth £1,000's by March 1st 2024! We open in London in 2019 and plan to open in a new city each month soon.

Drivers supported: live chat, on-boarding meets, youtube videos how to use app.

Drive Private Hire
or Taxi max age 10 years.

Flexible driving hours, log off when your own clients call.

Documents required 

to start driving with Cabra Cabs

  1. Private Hire Vehicle License (Paper Certificate)
  2. Vehicle Insurance Certificate (Must contain name of the driver, otherwise Hire Agreement or Permission Letter)
  3. MOT Certificate (or PHV plate with MOT Expiry Date)
  4. Vehicle logbook or New Keeper’s slip
  1. Hackney Carriage Vehicle License (Paper License)
  1. DVLA driving License
  2. Private Hire Drivers License (Paper or Badge)
  1. DVLA driving License
  2. Hackney Carriage Driver’s License
  1. Bank Account and Sort code.
  2. National Insurance Number.
  3. Your address with postcode.
  4. Your email address.
  5. Your mobile number.
  6. Your full name.

Your photo will be shown to the rider when they book a ride with us in our App.

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How To Get Started

Easily sign up as a driver

Sign up as a Cabra Cabs driver today to earn more, work less, no controllers giving their favourites the best jobs! Log on and off when you want!

To start the registration process post  photocopies of all the required documents in a large envelope addressed to Cabra Cabs, Uplands Business Centre, Bernard Street, Uplands, Swansea  SA2 0DR.
On a sheet of paper we need ( double check the correct phone number and email address as we send each job to your mobile phone and you get vital correspondence from us by email:
Your address with postcode.
Your email address.
Your mobile number.
Your full name.
Once we have verified your documents, we will contact you to start your Cabra Cabs driver journey. After 100 trips you get 100 BKCC coins!


Your important questions answered

Anyone with a valid Swansea Private Hire Vehicle or Metered Taxi (Hackney) license and an eligible car not more than ten years old can work with Cabra Cabs. 

To start the registration process bring or post  photocopies (photocopying available at office) of all the required documents and a passport size photo in a large envelope addressed to Cabra Cabs, Uplands Business Centre, Bernard Street, Uplands, Swansea  SA2 0DR.

On a sheet of paper we need:

  1. Your address with postcode.
  2. Your email address.
  3. Your mobile number.
  4. Your full name.

Once we have verified your documents, we will contact you to start your Cabra Cabs driver journey. 

Cash and credit card in the app the rider can choose. If we owe you anything at the end of the week we pay the balance into your bank account. 

If you owe us we take it from your bank account. We recommend you open a “Cabra Cabs” Bank account with your present bank and keep £100 in it so we can take our weekly commission from it if you get more cash payments than card. 

We use Stripe world acclaimed payment processing in the App. 

You get sent a weekly statement to your email.

Email us for faster answers. Or the live chat at bottom right of website. NOTE: By emailing us, you consent to receiving calls and emails from us in relation to your queries, some of which may be promotional in nature

Android – 4.0 & above or iOS – 8.0 & above 

A valid driving license document which is a pink photo card showing full UK driving license. All driving licences are issued by Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA). 

Visit the website to apply for a Driving License. to renew your existing driving license. 

Anyone who drives a licensed private hire vehicle must hold a licence to do so from the city council, in every circumstance. This is because the vehicle remains licensed whether or not it is hired or available for hire. This document will be in the form of Paper as well as badge.

If you own a car, then you will have a V5C. This is the official name for the registration form for your car, and it’s a vital piece of paperwork when it comes to buy or sell a car. It’s commonly known as the ‘log book’ or ‘V5’, and this document includes all of the crucial details about your car that are also held on the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) database. It also includes information about the current and past keepers of the vehicle. For further information, partners can visit

The National Insurance number is a number used in the United Kingdom in the administration of the National Insurance or social security system. It is also used for some purposes in the UK tax system. The number is described by the United Kingdom government as a “personal account number”

You cannot apply for a National Insurance number online. Applicants must call the Jobcentre Plus – National Insurance number allocation service to request one. Phone: 0345 600 0643

DVLA stands for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. This is the agency appointed by Govt for maintaining the registration and licensing of drivers in Great Britain

Drivers can visit the website to apply for a vehicle logbook. The required documents & registration process is detailed in the site for easy reference

Yes apply today and pay just 10% commission on all fares.

Your last ride of the day takes you closer to your home and saves dead mileage and saves you valuable time. Our ‘Go Home’ feature allows you to pick a destination and Cabra Cabs will try to allocate bookings headed in that direction. You may use this feature once in a day. Available from end of 2019.

Competitive 10% low commission rate. Our driver-focused offering includes weekly payments if any due, support, and a SOS button* within the app * available end of 2019.

As an introductory offer your commission rate will be just 10%.

The process of verification will be completed in 48 hours, once you have submitted all the required documents. Emails will be sent to your registered email ID on the status. You can login to with your account to monitor trips, payments, driver ratings after you join us.

Standard Swansea Hackney rates.

You can find the rate card here—hackney-carriage

Privacy Policy




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